The Calmness of Lavender

Even the Sunday Comics Love Lavender

Sunday morning newspaper delivery heralded a fun full page (almost) comic strip on the history and facts of lavender. This was not in the science section, not in the cooking section, but in the wonderful colorful comics of the newspaper.  The article was drawn and compiled by Jeff Harris, who writes and offers some incredible works under the title of 'Shortcuts.©'  And he offered enough information in that one page, except for how to grow and care for the plants in the ground.  

If you are having the newest hospitality craze of a lavender themed party, there is plenty on Jeff's page to print out, including a word search, and a few puns and jokes for party giggles.  

Need to read more about the beauty and fragrance of this scent? Try "The Maui Book of Lavender©' by Alii Chang.  

'High on the slopes of Haleakala, lavender plants stretch across the hillside, a sea of purple, green and silver. This is the home of Alii Kula Lavender - a special farm with a unique crop. Kula, an arid region of Maui, makes for a perfect place to grow lavender - a drought-resistant plant that requires rich soil, full sun and well-drained southwest-facing slopes. Besides its obvious aromatic appeal, lavender also has valuable medicinal and culinary properties; its usage has been documented as far back as 2,500 years. The Maui Book of Lavender traces the herb¿s historic uses in Hawaii and abroad, and shares the story of the Alii Kula Lavender enterprise. Sections on lavender crafts and home uses, as well as 39 recipes incorporating lavender, combined with stunning photography make this book a treasure for gardeners, home crafters, cooks and anyone else who appreciates a little lavender in their life.'